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The Cubola provides an ideal extension to your home or office providing an outdoor dining or lounge areas. Heaters and lights can be installed enabling the Cubola to be used after the heat of the sun has gone. We use waterproof fabrics should there be a shower while you are using the Cubola.

Automatic side screens can be installed to provide side protection from the wind or simply offer seclusion. These can be fitted on one or all four sides of the Cubola.

Operating your Cubola is easy, all can be done via wireless controls. In its standard form this is acheived via a hand held remote control, other options available include wall mounted controls or timed functions. Safety features for the Cubola include a wind sensor which will retract the Cubola if the pre set wind speed is exceeded, other options available include rain and sun sensors.

Contemporary outdoor living, whether you are dining or lounging outside at home. For restaurants, cafes, hotels and schools where protection against UV rays is required or as an extension to your restaurant

The Cubola Sun Shade has been created to offer shelter and protection from the sun enhancing outdoor living. This exclusive pergola awning distinguishes itself by its sleek modern design.


The Cubola can be installed both freestanding and attached to building walls. The fully automated dual roller system enables the awning fabric to be extended and retracted at the press of a button and to be positioned at various angles. A unique option offers protection against the low evening sun and also allows rainfall to run off should there be a shower.

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