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Roman blinds are a luxurious window dressing that will transform any interior design scheme.

The sumptuous fabrics available combines the subtle textures of a soft fold furnishing fabric with the practicality of a fully functional window blind.

Whichever style of roman blind you choose you can be sure that this opulent shading system will quickly establish itself as the focal point of your room.


  • Stunning roman blind fabric designs

  • A collection of colours to suit every palette

  • Translucent fabrics to gently filter the sunshine

  • Blackout roman blind fabrics to enhance privacy and sleep

  • Energy efficient fabrics to save you money

Fabrics Galore!

Our showroom is constantly thriving with new fabrics coming in every month, selected from a large range of cloths which are condensed and refined especially for you. We have over 600 books and hangers bursting with colour choices and designs from plains, to traditional to modern.

If our myriads of fabrics aren't enough, check out extended ranges and designs that didn't make it to our showroom. Links are available to our suppliers below.

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