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Conservatory sails are the simple, modern solution for controlling heat and glare. Their ability to eliminate glare and reflect over 70% of the sun’s heat allows you to enjoy a comfortable conservatory all year round.

Sitting gracefully below the roof frame, the elegance and usability of InShade sail blinds has made them an increasingly popular addition to homes throughout Britain.


This is partly due to the flexibility of design options, the highly attentive design process, and the straightforward aftercare and maintenance.

What Are The Benefits Of Shade Sails?

Conservatory sails add a contemporary touch to any conservatory, and boast multiple features that make them a valuable asset to homes and businesses alike, across Britain.

Machine Washable!

Thanks to our machine washable fabric, you can keep your sail blinds clean and stylish all year round. Shade sails are crafted from multi-functional materials that not only reflect solar radiation to keep interiors cool, but can also be placed straight into your home washing machine for a hassle-free clean.


A top-performance sail must be able to contend with the high temperatures and humidity that are characteristic of conservatories. Fortunately our shade sails are specifically designed to weather these conditions with total ease, and can effectively control heat and glare within your conservatory space.

This exclusive fabric boasts excellent solar performance:

  • Reflects 72% of the sun’s heat

  • Transmits over 20% of natural light, keeping your room bright, but glare-free, even on dull days


  • Unlimited Design Options: Sails can be shaped, styled and positioned in countless configurations to create a truly unique look that is personal to your conservatory and its shading needs. Our blinds designer will use 3D modelling to construct a design that amplifies your enjoyment of the space.

  • Controls Heat & Glare

  • High Quality Fabric

  • Elegant Look

  • Machine Washable

Selling Only Quality Brands

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